IIW Turkish delegation awarded the “Halil Kaya Gedik Memorial Prize” to Dr. Tokihiko Kataoka, Senior Researcher and Deputy Manager of JFE Steel Corporation who had been elected from among the most outstanding experts with highest contributions to the fields of Welding Science, Technology and Training.
Dr. Kataoka has received his award in 28 June, during the IIW’s Opening Ceremony of Annual Assembly and International Conference in Melbourne, Australia.
Within the whole IIW history; Halil Kaya Gedik Award is the first international prize awarded by Turkey in the fields of welding science and technology.
The Halil Kaya Gedik Award is awarded annually by the International Institute of Welding, sponsored by Gedik Educational Foundation and Gedik University.
In 2013 Japanese scholar Hideyuki Yamamoto, in 2014 Lars Johansson – The Deputy Chief Executive of Swedish Welding Commission and lastly in 2015 Stephen Liu – Director (MME) in Colorado School of Mines were awarded by delegation.