Halil Kaya Gedik

Halil Gedik was born in Usak in 1933. After completing his primary and secondary education in Usak, he graduated from the mechanical technician department of Istanbul Yildiz Technical School in 1953. Later he continued his education in Germany and graduated from the Mechanical Engineering department of Konstanz State University and Welding Engineering department of German Welding Society in Frankfurt. During his education in Germany, he worked at various departments of MAN.

Mr. Gedik, being one of the first welding engineers of Turkey, started his career at Eskisehir Factories of State Railways in the department of Welding Group. As of 1964, he had started working for the private sector and carried out the management of factories of electrode, casting and valve and welding machines. In 1983, Mr. Gedik founded Gedik Holding and united all the companies under the frame of it. In 1991, he founded Gedik Investment and Securities Inc.

Halil Gedik; who is well-known not only for his successful industrialist role but also for his responsible and charitable approach to social responsibility projects; was rewarded with the Outstanding Service Medal on 05 April 2007.

As an honorary PhD of Uşak University; late Halil Kaya Gedik had considered human factor and teamwork as the most crucial elements of business throughout his career. As an advocate of the necessity of constant or even day by day improvement in life; late Mr. Halil Kaya Gedik tirelessly strived to adopt the mission of establishing an R&D based infrastructure that minimizes foreign technology and know-how dependency.

Halil Kaya Gedik; the founder of Gedik Holding and T.C. Gedik University and one of the first welding engineers of Turkey; passed away on Tuesday, August 14, 2012.

GEDİK HOLDING continues its investment driven growth on the track of the principles set by its founder late Halil Kaya Gedik.