GEDIK FOUNDATION brought together the world welding sector with a spectacular organization

GEDIK FOUNDATION (GEV) and Turkish Welding Technology Academy (TKTA) got the welding experts from around the world together in Istanbul on July 11 – 17. GEV which was selected as the responsible member of International Institute of Welding (IIW) from Turkey two years ago, hosted the 63rd IIW General Assembly and International Conference at the Swissotel. Record number of welding experts participated in the event that was organized by GEV which represents Turkey in the world welding community with success.

Republic of Turkey Minister of Industry and Commerce Nihat Ergun attended the opening ceremony that took place at the Swissotel on the night of July 11 along with Usak Congressman Nuri Uslu, Assistant Governor of Istanbul Harun Kaya, IIW President Prof.. Ulrich Dilthey, GEDIK HOLDING Honorary Cahairman of the Executive Board Halil Kaya Gedik, GEV Chairwoman of the Executive Board Hulya Gedik and leading experts of the welding world.

“A big country like Turkey can not be satisfied by just manufacturing and doing assembly work. We need to create our own design, model and trademarks and direct ourselves towards areas that generate high added value.” Republic of Turkey Minister of Industry and Commerce Nihat Ergun, who gave a speech at the opening ceremony, said. Ergun stated that developments in other areas of the industry are taking place by the help of, for the most part, progress that is being made in the welding technologies. He emphasized that welding technology has a big part in the formation of the global economy. He also stated that Turkey, as a country, which has a continuously growing and industrializing economy places a lot of importance on its welding sector.

“We are proud to have organized such an important event in Turkey despite the fact that we have been a member of IIW for just two years. By means of this, Turkish welding sector will be integrated with the welding sector of the world.” Chairwoman of the Executive Board of GEDIK HOLDING, Hulya Gedik said in the opening speech of the event.

IIW President Prof.Ulrich Dilthey, in his speech, emphasized that normally countries who are going to host the event, start preparing for the event at the least four years in advance and that GEV accepted this duty, which was proposed by the Executive Board of IIW just eight months ago, and realized it in a spectacular way in record time. He also congratulated GEV for its success.

Republic of Turkey Minister of Industry and Commerce Nihat Ergun gave a plaque to the Honorary Chairman of the Executive Board of GEDIK HOLDING Halil Kaya Gedik during the opening ceremony for his contributions to the development of the Turkish welding sector. The ceremony continued with the giving of awards to experts who were considered to have deserved them, for their successful efforts in the welding field. Then, the show of a group named “Colors of Anatolia”, which modernizes the Turkish folk dancing, took place. The opening ceremony ended with a coctail which followed the show.

Nearly 900 welding experts from 54 countries organized meetings in which science and technology of welding were taken up in all their aspects throughout the week within the scope of the event for which GEDIK WELDING was the main sponsor.

Developments in welding technology that is used in Architecture, Energy and Transportation systems was discussed using 134 papers that were presented by welding experts who came from 37 countries, during the International Conference which took place on July 15 and 16.

Welding in pipe lines and ship construction was taken up in special sessions

A special session on “Welding Technology in Pipe Lines” took place on July 16, due to the importance of Nabucco and similar domestic and international natural gas and water projects for Turkish steel, welding and pipe industrialists and to the emergence of necessity of using such special steels as X80 and special welding products and Technologies in new projects. During the session, BOTAS official Orhan Degermenci provided information about their efforts related to the Nabucco project.

During a special session titled “Welding and Innovations in Ship Construction”, which was held on July 15, IIW Ship Construction Technical Committee shared the presentations that contained the latest developments in this area with the participants. Republic of Turkey Ministry of Transportation Ship Construction and Shipyard General Manager Yasar Duran Aytas and Turkish Lloyd Prof. Mustafa Insel contributed to the session with their presentations in which they made a general evaluation of the ship construction sector.

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