Robotic automation support is increasingly required by various industrial sectors in Turkey to meet the quality standards that are necessitated by global competition conditions and to be able to manufacture a large number of items. Gedik Welding aims to increase its efforts to provide new and innovative solutions in robotic automation.

Gedik Welding presents special solutions with its well-trained and experienced personnel for Welding, Transportation, Palletization, Cutting, Trimming and CNC and Press Feeding applications.

Gedik Welding works with the most experienced design and manufacturing firms in the market to be able to provide specific mechanical equipments. Gedik Robotic engineers capture demands of customers by providing very wide range of products covering the simplest welding fixture to a sophisticated production line and from a simple welding positioner to robotic handlers.

The RobCAD program which is one of the major robotic simulation programs that have received International acclaim is currently being used in project design by Gedik