Gedik Welding was established in Turkey in 1963 and is today a global industry leader in the field of welding consumables and equipment.  Under  its internationally – registered trademarks GeKa‎® and GeKaTec‎®, the company manufactures about 90.000 ton/year of superior quality coated welding electrodes, brazing rods, special repair and maintenance electrodes, as well as gas-shielded arc, submerged arc and flux-cored welding wires. The company also produces its own GeKaMac‎® brand of rectifiers, gas shielded arc and submerged arc welding generators.

Gedik Welding which is rewarded with “Golden Star” because of its success in exporting GeKa brand named welding consumable products to more than 80 countries for  the last three year by IMMIB  (Istanbul Minerals and Metals Exporters’ Association)

Keeping abreast of the largest technological developments in the domain, Gedik Welding also generates robotic solutions and welding automation equipment (GeKaRobot‎®) for various industries, both in Turkey and overseas.

Furthermore, Gedik Educational Foundation (GEV), conducts various internationally-recognised welding education, training and certification programmes, affiliated with IIW (International Institute of Welding).

Able and willing to serve all industrial sectors, Gedik Welding is fully prepeared to explore alternative solutions in order to satisfy its customers.

Gedik Welding also contributes to the advancement of welding science and technology via R&D projects carried out with Istanbul Gedik University.