Gedik Holding speeds up the construction of its new facility in Sakarya Hendek 2nd Organized Industry Zone. The casting production line of the new facility is expected to be launched in mid 2011 and it will make use of the advanced casting technologies. By means of the simulation programs, the company will produce castings of high quality and high efficiency, and will serve the leading companies operating in different sectors such as valve, automotive, defense, energy, etc. The total size of the investment will be 250 million dollars when the project is completed.

The new foundry, which is being built on a 50.000 square meters area and half of which was covered, will increase investment casting capacity of the company from 5.000 tons/year to 30.000 tons/year. A part of the casting capacity will be dedicated to production of Turkey’s most established valve brand TERMO. With increased capacity, the company plans to increase its export volume.

Gedik Holding CEO Dr. Mustafa Koçak says that, while hard work continues to complete Hendek project, they concurrently accelerated R&D projects as the company concentrates on producing high-technology products in this new facility. In this context, first Turkish Government funded R&D project for developing new type of valve has started.

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