The RAILSAFE-TR project addresses a very clear need for highly skilled welding personnel for the Turkish railway system.

In Turkey, railway tracks span over 12 097 kms and sector revenues have seen a steady increase since 2008, reaching a total of approximately 918 560 € in 2013.

A consortium led by EWF – European Welding Federation, TCDD – Turkish National Railways, TWI – The Welding Institute, NIL – Dutch Welding Institute and GEDIK University will be working to update and implement the RAILSAFE system across Turkey

The projects’ main objectives are:

•  To develop and implement a training programme for railway welding personnel in accordance with RAILSAFE guideline standards;

•  To carry out Pilot Courses in Turkey, based on the updated training materials;

•  To raise awareness to the benefits of top quality

training, qualification and certification of personnel in the railway industry  .

After its two year duration, the consortium expects to have a fully updated training guideline and support materials, as well as the first group of Turkish trainers and trainees that were submitted to the RAILSAFE system.

RAILSAFE-TR is a Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation project, based on the very successful outcomes of RAILSAFE2, coordinated by TWI – The Welding Institute.

The project started in November 2013 and will finish in October 2015.