We often try to attribute meanings to the life whenever we meditate on our lives: Meanings that may vary according to different value judgements and expectations of every human being that seems to overlook the stark reality that it is in fact the life that questions humanity rather than vice versa…

When we contemplate on it in a deep and holistic manner; we observe that life goes on with a constant and miraculously balanced creation and evolution.

That’s why humankind should shape the future by continuously producing and contributing to this creation system during its lifetime. This contribution must be the manifestation of a thankfulness reply of the mankind that owes to life because of its generosity. Such an earnest way of thanking is the sign of a conception that relates existence with production rather than possession…

In fact this is some sort of a play or an art of life in which the mankind should take the stage to derive serenity and elation and at the end of each act of which he expects to be applauded by the crowded audience. This is in fact to be aware of the fact that the curtain will never open again in case of absence of applause.

These values in mind; we set sail in 1963 with the philosophy of ‘’Live to run’’. During the course of this half-century life performance we deemed excellence in playing our part with you and contribution to life as the indispensable and fundamental criteria of our mission statement.

We have always seen our employees as our fellow actors in this life performance and felt honored by their cooperation with us since they always think global and strive to realize their contemplations.

We are proud to be able to witness the positive effects of our industrial and educational contributions to life to date.

We hereby would like to state that we will feel great excitement and enthusiasm to shape a peaceful and affluent future by continuously setting higher standards as a result of projections and strategic plans.