3rd Gedik Technology Day was held on April 1st, 2016 in Radisson Blue Hotel – İstanbul by Gedik University, İstanbul.

Prominent representatives and academicians from the sector devoted the day to the topic of “Welding Technologies and Material & Welds & Component Assessments” with domestic and foreign participants in the seminar.

In the opening speech, Science & Technology Advisor of the Gedik University   – Dr. Mustafa Koçak spoke about both Mersin-Akkuyu and Sinop City Nuclear Energy Plants which are in progress in Turkey and the enhancing the technical readiness and technical knowledge about some crucial technical areas in nuclear technologies. Dr. Mustafa Koçak stated that it is important to conduct Education and Training for the sought workforce of  Turkey for the nuclear energy related industries. He also pointed to the creation of the national nuclear culture in Turkey.

Besides the technical parts, it is mentioned that Gedik University is preparing to launch such an Education and Training Programme in cooparation with Turkish Ministry of Energy and other Institutions.


 Nuclear Energy in Turkey

Şule Ergün, Hacettepe University, TURKEY

Critical Review of Welding Technologies in Nuclear Power Plants in Japan

Masashi Kameyama, Japan Nuclear Safety Institute, JAPAN

Welding Processes for Nuclear Plants

Julien Chapuis, AREVA NP Technical Center, FRANCE

High Quality Welding Technology for Reliable Nuclear Power Plant

Yoshiaki Shimokusu, MITSUBISHI Heavy Industries, JAPAN

Structural Materials and Welds Testing and Characterisation for Nuclear Components

Kamran Nikbin, Imperial College London, UK

Fracture Mechanics Based High Temperature Life Assessment of Plant Components

Kamran Nikbin, Imperial College London, UK

Characterisation of Thick-Walled Welded Steel Components for Power Plants

Mustafa Koçak, Gedik Welding & Gedik University, TURKEY

Design by Analysis Applications for Pressure Equipments

Başar Yalçıner, NPCC, ABU DHABI