Prof. Dr. Orhan Güvenen, member of Board of Trustees of Gedik University, chair of the Department of Accounting Information Systems, and director of the Institute of World Systems, Economies, and Strategic Research at Bilkent University, has  received the Gusi Peace Prize  for his contribution to the fields of economics and strategic research and diplomacy.

This prize is given to the people or the institutions that contribute to peace, human rights, science and art. Gusi Pece Prize Foundation is in the Philippines and  the Gusi Prize is called “Asia’s Nobel.” Gusi Peace Prize is one of the most honorable prize in the World and has been given to only 100 people for their outstanding achievements.

The Gusi Peace Prize Philippine and International Committees awarded the 2013 Gusi Peace Prize to Prof. Güvenen “for his untiring efforts, working for people’s amelioration, to find peaceful solutions for people’s welfare through Academic research on Economics & Strategic Research  and Diplomacy.” The prize was presented to him  with a ceremony in the hall where Turkish flag was waving.

Prof. Güvenen has also been elected as chairman of the European Affairs section of the Gusi Peace Prize International Committee for 2014-2015.

Prof. Dr. Orhan Güvenen

Prof. Dr. Orhan Güvenen was the president of Turkish Statistical Institute between 1988-1994, and from 1994 to 1997 he was ambassador for OECD. In 1997 he was Prime Minister Counselor and State Planning Organization Counselor. Also in 1997 he was appointed as member of Board of Higher Education.

Between 2005-2009 he became a member of Board of Directors for United Nations, UNESCO, and he was vice Chair of Board of Directors. Between 2002-2005 he was Chair of Board of Directors of Council of Europe Development Bank.

He speaks French, English and Italian.